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Course Details Pre Accredited

Course Details Pre Accredited

Introduction to Image and Video Editing

This course has been designed to target learners wishing to learn how to use digital media and video editing. 

Course Information:

Learners will learn about downloading free images and preparing them for use in printed publications. The course incorporates advances in technology and addresses the skills set required to work in the digital media industry. The course includes a wide range of practical activities to help learners understand the basics of image and video editing and how to implement these skills in digital media production.

Introduction to Image and Video Editing will cover:
  • installing free image and video editing software
  • gaining confidence with digital media terms 
  • developing a realistic pathway into employment in the digital media industry 
  • identifying and demonstrating the steps needed to create a new project for publication
  • understanding media management and basic workflow
  • creating and resizing a video clip
  • downloading, importing and exporting graphic, audio and video files to edit 
  • cropping and removing backgrounds from an image
  • adding titles and images to a video clip

The class is 3 hours a week for 10 weeks. 

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