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In most of the communities we service and support here at Wyndham CEC, the elders – the Seniors, for want of a better word – are at the centre of the structure of the family and extended community. Ensuring these elders have meaningful activity, and the opportunity to contribute to their community and wider community, is so important to us. The younger ones look upwards. If the elders are not doing so well, then this affects the whole community’s sense of wellbeing.

For this reason we organised something special for our Wyndham CEC volunteer elders from Burma this year as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival 2018; the fourteen men and women who weave cotton and bamboo in the cultural space in the centre of our building at 20 Synnot Street, Werribee.

We want these elders to know that they are important; and that their skills and contribution to the community is valued and worthwhile.

Videographer, Chris Hopkins, interviewed each of the volunteers individually, then edited and produced this amazing seven minute long feature video. We hope you enjoy and share it with others.

Thank you Wyndham City Council for your support of this project.


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