Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Language, Literacy & Numeracy Skills for Education & Employment Pre-Accredited Vocational Education and Training

Settlement Services

for newly arrived residents of Wyndham,
Melton and Western Melbourne


The Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc. (Wyndham
CEC) is funded by the Department of Social Services to provide
settlement services to permanent residents who have arrived
in Australia in the last five years as humanitarian entrants or
family stream migrants with low English proficiency. Services are
designed to enable clients to become self reliant and participate
equitably in Australian society as soon as possible. We also assist
eligible communities that need assistance and support to develop
capacity to meet the needs of their members.


Services delivered under the SGP include:

  • Casework & Settlement Service Delivery
  • Community Coordination & Development
  • Youth Settlement Services




Casework and Settlement Services


Our services include the provision of settlement related information, advice, advocacy and referral services to individuals and families during their early settlement in Australia. We also provide information on ‘Working in Australia’, make employment referrals and work with employers and employment agencies to create employment
opportunities for new arrivals.


Settlement issues that clients often seek help with include:

  • Accessing English language services
  • Employment information
  • Housing, legal & consumer issues
  • Health & well-being
  • Family relationships
  • Income support
  • Access to government and non government services
  • Referrals to specialist services

All casework services are free and confiential. Our multi-lingual settlement workers are available to assist with a range of settlement needs and provide access to translated information. Free telephone interpreters are available for languages we cannot provide onsite.





Community Coordination and Development




Community Coordination and Development actively works on achieving positive outcomes in regards to key settlement issues for refugees & new and emerging communities through educational, social, recreational and information programmes. We provide assistance to newly arrived clients to make social connections and
enhance their economic and personal wellbeing.

Services offered include:

  • Volunteering Programmes

  • Support Groups

  • Collaborative programmes
    with mainstream services

  • Sport and Recreation Programmes

  • Social Enterprise

  • Festivals and Events to celebrate cultural diversity and encourage community participation

  • Mentoring of community organisations to develop capacity and sustainability

  • Consultation with communities to determine ongoing needs

  • Family Strengthening Activities

  • Opportunities for social engagement and to practice English skills

  • Cultural awareness training for service providers and agencies




SGP Youth Services




Wyndham CEC Settlement Youth Services aim to provide support, mentoring and advocacy for eligible young people, to engage and develop their leadership skills and to assist them to settle and actively participate in Australian society. Wyndham CEC engages young people through youth specifi workshops, camps and sporting
activities and supports young people to become involved in mainstream activities and to be active members of the WHN’s Youth Working Group.

Our Youth Settlement Services include:

  • Casework

  • Referrals

  • Sport and Recreation Programmes and events

  • Group Information Sessions or Workshops

  • Building capabilities in employment, education, training and social skills

  • Targeted Youth Programmes

  • Advocacy and Networking

  • Leadership Programs

  • Support groups for disconnected youth



As the lead agent of the Wyndham Humanitarian Network (WHN), the Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc. builds and maintains partnerships with a wide range of service providers and members of new and emerging communities,
aiming to gain a better understanding of the issues newly arrived communities face and deliver appropriate and responsive services. The WHN undertakes community capacity building projects, organises information sessions, community
forums, and multicultural festivals.


Please call 9742 4013 for advice or to make an appointment.