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Cafe, Take Away Lunches & Catering

Saffron Cafe*

Wayaperri House (106 Duncans Road Werribee)


9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday to Friday

Serving morning tea and lunches




Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre (86 Manor Lakes Blvd, Wyndham Vale)


9:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday to Friday

Serving morning tea and lunches


Laverton Community Hub (95-105 Railway Ave, Laverton)


8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Friday

Serving morning & afternoon tea and lunches



Menus change daily


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Saffron Take Away Lunches*


Busy at work but still need a healthy lunch? Why not order a take away meal from Saffron?




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Delivery to your workplace within the City of Wyndham
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Saffron Catering*


Catering is available for meetings, events and corporate and private functions.


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Delivery is available within the City of Wyndham, Hobsons Bay
and surrounding areas1


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In October 2008, the Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc. embarked on an innovative project with funding provided by Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) under its Community Learning Partnerships program. A community kitchen was set up at our Centre at Synnot Street, Werribee where community lunches were prepared.

Its aim was to provide opportunities for Wyndham residents to gain valuable experience in a hospitality environment and to improve employment prospects and language skills if required. The project would not only provide them training pathways to enter the catering and hospitality industry in Australia but also the business acumen and confidence to set up social enterprises and avenues for self-employment opportunities.



Social Enterprise



The popularity of the community lunches led to a social enterprise called Saffron Kitchen to meet the increasing number of catering orders from individuals and organisations both within and outside Wyndham.

Since its formation, Saffron Kitchen has also undertaken large scale operation of food stalls at major events in Wyndham such as the annual Weerama Festival, Cultural Diversity Week, the Wyndham Multicultural Fiesta and Refugee Week functions. Students were also encouraged to utilise the kitchen for catering of festivals and events organised within their own communities such as the Karen New Year and Sudanese festivals.

Cafe, Take Away Lunches & Catering


  Cafe, Take Away Lunches & Catering  


Expanding the Social Enterprise



In 2010, the operations of Saffron Kitchen were moved to larger premises at Wayaperri House, 106 Duncans Road Werribee where a large scale industrial commercial kitchen, funded under the Federal Government’s Investing in Community Education and Training (ICET) Fund, has enabled students and volunteers to expand its services.

The new kitchen now provides morning tea & coffee and daily lunches, in addition to catering orders, to a growing clientele from local agencies, schools, government and non-government organisations.

An outdoor dining area is a major attraction for the many visitors to Wayaperri House which also serves as a learning centre and a venue for a range of community activities as well as private events.

In 2012, Saffron Kitchen opened its second café at the new Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre offering morning tea, lunches, catering and take home meals.

In 2014, Saffron Kitchen commenced Saffron Canteen at Wyndham Park Primary School to offer healthy recess snacks and lunches to students and staff. The Saffron canteen operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during school terms and is open to the public for lunches between 12pm and 1:30pm.

In November 2014, Saffron Kitchen opened its third café at the Laverton Community Hub. With the support of South Western Melbourne Medicare Local, Saffron Kitchen offers morning and afternoon tea, lunches and catering to the local community.



Learning for Work




Since its inception in 2008, the community kitchen has provided learning and volunteering opportunities to hundreds of Wyndham and Hobsons Bay residents. Our volunteers come from many diverse backgrounds and abilities, with some volunteering with Saffron from its inception.

The cafe and catering enterprise not only provides participants an avenue to demonstrate their inherent skills, but also the opportunity to gain valuable hospitality experience and proficiency to progress into paid employment in the industry.

Cafe, Take Away Lunches & Catering

Your support of this enterprise is valued and appreciated.

1 Delivery surcharge applies

* All meals are vegetarian