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       Skills for Education & Employment (SEE)



If you are not confident with reading, writing, speaking, listening and maths, you may find it hard to get a job.


The SEE program can help you get the job you want by:

  • improving your reading, writing, computer skills and maths
  • boosting your confidence


You can get up to 800 hours of free accredited training, starting at your own level and working at your own pace. You can train part-time or full-time while still looking for work or caring for your family.



We can help if you:

  • are from a non-English speaking background and need English language training at a basic or advanced levels
  • need literacy and numeracy training at a basic or advanced level
  • need advanced training for work purposes
SEE, Learning English  

Am I eligible?


You are eligible for the SEE program if you:

  • are15-64 years old
  • an active job seeker
  • Australian Citizen or permenent resident

How do I get referred?


To make sure you can do this program and get a referral, you should talk to Centrelink or your local Job Active


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*This training is funded by the Department of Education & Training under the Skills for Education & Employment Program